Play with my hair ♥ Kiss my neck ♥ Hold my waist ♥ Grab my hand ♥ Bite my lips ♥ Hug me from behind
The girl in love

♥ Follow your Dreams ♥
I'm Nicole ♥ I was born to love and be loved. My life changed April 25 when I met HIM. It was like i died and went to heaven. He is truly my better half, my reason to smile. I finally knew what love was the moment I met him, and since then, he has made me the happiest woman on the galaxy. This world is not big enough to capture my feelings 100%. Just believe me when I say there's nobody like him, and now that we are together, I will never let him go.
Don't ever let go.
About me
1. Name:
♥ Nicole ♥

2. Age:
♥ 21 years young ♥

3. Live Where?
♥ Puerto Rico ♥

4. Status:
♥ ❒ Single ☑ Taken :$ ♥

5. Hobbies:
♥ I LOVE playing videogames and basketball ♥

6. Favorite Games:
♥ Final Fantasy Series, Gears of War, Kingdom Hearts, Mario, Zelda, Sonic, RPGs and Shooters.. you name it, I love them ALL!! ♥

7. XBL Gamertag:
♥ o iNiicOle xX ♥

8. Music:
♥ I listen to any type of music, cannot live without it! ♥

9. Education:
♥ Currently on my 4th year of my bachelor's degree in Computer Science ♥

10. LOVE's:
♥ Singing, Dancing, Partying, Reading, Movies, TV, Anime, My iPhone 4, Infomercials, LJ, Sports, My Room, Computers, Photoshop, Photography, EBay, Facebook, the color PINK! ♥

11. BFF:

12. Recent Anime:
♥ Mobile Suit Gundam 00, Naruto, Soul Eater, Ghost in a Shell♥

13. Hubby:
♥ Yian Michael ♥

14. Aniversary:
♥ June 12 ♥

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True Love♥

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"Once in a lifetime, right in the middle of an ordinary life, Love gives us a fairytale"
Dreams DO come TRUE

The scent of your perfume still lingers on my clothes.
He calls me beautiful like its my name. ♥
    Top 20 Favourite OTPs (in no particular order)Star Wars - Han &amp; Leia

    Top 20 Favourite OTPs (in no particular order)
    Star Wars - Han & Leia

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